We bring novelty to the world
with original and authentic fashion.

Our mission is to bring our customers happiness
and make their lives better with our unique styles, designs, and services.


Customer driven

Why make clothes that customers don't want?

Our challenge begins here. We always reflect the voice of our customers in our products and services. The standard for a good brand is simple: "Will it be the first brand that comes to mind? Is there a clear reason for the customer to choose it?"


Because it’s KOLON

The name tells everything. We are obsessed with the fundamental quality, not the packaging or decoration. We follow the current trends but stick to the basics; convey sensibilities that are infused with technology. We make clothes that you can wear anytime and that continue to feel even better the more you wear.


Inspiration comes from perspiration

We think outside the box. We are not afraid of the question "why," and do not consider "references" and "precedence" as ours. We take accidental ideas and develop them into new values. The "wow" moment comes from deep introspection, observations, and experiences.


It's not wrong; it's just different

Our different backgrounds, experiences and beliefs are our greatest assets. A unique perspective on solving problems leads to better products and strategies. It isn’t wrong to have a different opinion. What’s wrong is having prejudice and stereotypes.


The power of experience you can't buy

Tradition makes prestige. Over 40 years of technology and strategy are our secret weapons. Even failures are documented, shared, and pave the way for success. At KOLON, instead of saying “it’s not the job of our team" or "that isn’t related to our brand,” we collaborate and communicate to share experiences.