With experiences and values beyond fashion,
we will become the best brand house.

With experiences and values beyond fashion, we will become the best brand house. Greetings. I am You Seog Jin, CEO of the KOLON Industries FnC Organization (KOLON FnC). KOLON FnC, which stands for "Fashion & Culture," is a company that aims to create culture through fashion and bring more happiness to customers’ daily lives. KOLON SPORT, the first company of the FnC Organization, has created a unique value and culture by opening up a new fashion category called "outdoor" in Korea. Our belief that fashion is an important pathway for a better life still serves as our guiding principle.

Today, KOLON FnC has grown into Korea's leading fashion house whose brands range from men's, women's, golf and accessories to beauty and lifestyle as we continue to explore the road not traveled. In addition to LUCKY CHOUETTE, SUECOMMA BONNIE, and COURONNE, which are successful examples of designer brand acquisition, SERIES has established an urban vintage multi-brand shop, and WAAC and G/FORE have transformed the landscape of the Korean golf market. KOLON FnC has built a unique portfolio, such as becoming the first company to launch an upcycling fashion brand in Korea and introducing a workwear brand. More recently, young brands that the company launched in the form of projects are now creating an internal ecosystem with rapid growth. This would not be possible without our know-how we have accumulated over the last 40 years, from brand management to distribution network operations, global sourcing, and online business.

Now, KOLON FnC is poised to take another leap forward. We will lead the market in step with the rapidly changing trends of today. We aim to become a fashion house that will always be top of mind by offering experiences and values beyond fashion. To this end, we will further strengthen our internal competencies such as design, quality, human resources, and corporate culture. As a leader in K-Fashion, we will also aggressively tap into overseas fashion markets, as well as discover and invest in businesses that will drive the market. We remain steadfast in our commitment to "bringing more happiness to our customers' daily lives." KOLON FnC promises to continue its challenge of creating values ahead of the times through fashion and culture built on authenticity and originality.


You Seog Jin