We believe our corporate responsibility includes our commitment to the environment, animals, and communities.
We employ production methods that mitigate harm to the planet and find new ways to reuse resources.
We protect endangered animals and plants and contribute to carbon neutrality by planting trees.
We create hope for marginalized members of society and encourage them to take on new challenges.


KOLON MALL weDO for the value consumption of smart customers
RE;CODE, the industry's first upcycling brand pursuing sustainability
KOLON SPORT's Noach Project to protect endangered animals and plants
SERIES' Warm Heart Campaign to support underrepresented cultural and artistic projects


As the first sustainable category in the fashion industry, weDO opened on KOLON MALL (kolonmall.com), the company-operated online mall, in September 2020. weDO curates and introduces clothes, cosmetics, and lifestyle brands and products that advocate for human rights, environmental protection and animal welfare. weDO promotes sustainable brands and creates consumer engagement opportunities. Furthermore, weDO donates 1% of sales to sustainability projects. Its first donation was used to create KOLON FnC Forest by planting 5,000 trees in the wildfire-affected area in Yangyang in April 2021. In addition to selling sustainable products, weDO has communicated with customers through various sustainability campaigns. With the "Reward Campaign," customers can use the points earned from recycling using the Recycling Today app on KOLON MALL. The "weDO Everyday" corner shares useful tips on eco-friendly practices in everyday life.


Upcycling brand RE;CODE

RE;CODE, Korea's leading upcycling fashion brand launched in 2012, brings new life to discarded clothing stock by adding creative ideas. Unsold clothing is normally incinerated three years after the release. Instead, RE;CODE recreates clothes by dismantling and reassembling deadstock. Due to the nature of this manual process, all RE;CODE products are produced in limited quantities, making them even more valuable. RE;CODE is divided into the Collection line infused with artistic designer sensibility and Re;nano, a more casual line made of eco-friendly materials and subsidiary materials from deadstock. RE;CODE is further expanding the scope of upcycled materials to industrial waste such as airbags and car seats. In recognition of the brand's craftsmanship, experimentation, and aesthetics, RE;CODE has been invited to numerous events at home and abroad. It has also held upcycling workshops, supported the employment of single mothers through BOX ATELIER, and ran the Re;light project for refugees. These efforts to reach underserved communities have been regarded as an excellent example of CSR.



The NOACH Project is KOLON SPORT's campaign launched in 2016 to protect endangered animals and plants in Korea. Each year, the project selects one endangered animal or plant as the theme and turns their story into "clothes" in an effort to raise awareness. Part of the proceeds is donated to environmental groups, and from 2020, all NOACH collection projects have been made with 100% eco-friendly materials and techniques.

2021SS [COTONEASTER WILSONII NAKAI] Cotoneaster wilsonii Nakai, Natural Monument No. 51 and endangered species
2020FW [LACEBARK PINE] Lacebark pine, a tree that requires special protection
2019SS [BUTTERFLY] Butterflies whose population is significantly declining
2018SS [SEA HORSE SEA LOVE] To protect the marine ecosystem of Ulleungdo and seahorses
2017SS [FLOWER POWER] Leontopodium hallaisanense, a Class 2 endangered flower
2016FW [KEEP EAGLE PLAY] The eagle, a Class 1 endangered species


SERIES ‘Warm Heart’ campaign

The Warm Heart campaign is a cultural arts industry sponsorship campaign launched in 2011. Marking its 10th anniversary in 2020, the campaign was expanded to the Warm Heart Film Fund, designed to support the production of independent short plays, films, and documentaries..

From 2020 Operation of Warm Heart Film Fund
2019 Collaboration with artist Naul (COMPASSION)
2018 Support for autistic writers (Rawside)
2017 Support for writers with intellectual disabilities (Jangbongdo Haelim Center)
2016 Support for indigo dye artisans in Naju (Naju Eco-Friendly Design Exhibition)
2015) Providing surgery expenses for children with heart disease (Korea Heart Foundation)
2014 Bukchon-gil Project with Kim Nam-gil (Another Way of Seeing)
2013 Jeonju International Film Festival
2012 Cinematheque Reconstruction Program
2011 Jecheon International Music & Film Festival