LIFETECH, originating from Kolon Sport, an outdoor brand with over 40 years of specialty, is a high-end research and development line designed to adjust and adapt to various environmental conditions in everyday life by applying materials and technology required in extreme climates. With an ergonomic design inspired by the familiar but complex daily movements, LIFETECH introduces an urban outdoor collection best suitable for various movements that are not restricted by time or place. Behind the scene, countless thoughts and experimentation with materials, designs and technologies were tested. Urban performance wear, composed of most essential products that are appealing to professionals in various fields who prefer practical and aesthetic design, is an array of boundless apparel perfectly combined with functional details, delicate finishes and sophisticated silhouettes.


Outdoor & Sports


ⓒ 2019 KOLON INDUSTRIES All Rights Reserved.

ⓒ 2019 KOLON INDUSTRIES All Rights Reserved.